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Everyone is capable of removing a box of old clothes or broken decorations from their property, but sometimes, junk removal isn’t a walk in the park. Perhaps one of the most difficult junk removal tasks is light demolition. When you have an unwanted structure on your property, and you’d like to remove it, you might feel like you have no choice but to learn how demolition works. It’s work that demands a lot of experience. Not only that, but it also requires many different tools, ranging from sledgehammers to protective gear. So, prepare to spend time and money if you want to learn how to become a demolition professional. Of course, you could always just give All Modes Debris Removal a call because we already have a team of demolition professionals that would love to serve you.

We are a locally owned operation based in Scranton, however, we are proud to serve our clients in many different service areas. That way, you’re never the one who has to demolish your unwanted small structure. Speaking of which, what sort of structure are you dealing with anyway? An old deck? A rotting fence? A festering hot tub? We can demolish all these structures for you—and more! All you have to do is lead us to them so we can plan the best way to go about demolition. Then, we’ll bring down whatever structure you have for us, always exercising caution to ensure there are zero accidents.


  1. All Modes Debris Removal doesn’t show up unprepared because we believe if you fail to plan you can plan to fail. Count on us to have all the demolition tools we need in addition to a fully trained team.
  2. Give us a few minutes to check out the unwanted structure. We’ll determine what the demolition process will entail, then let you know what you’ll owe us in the form of an upfront service quote.
  3. The exciting part is when we tear down that structure. It’s relieving to finally see it go away, but keep your distance to ensure that the demolition work remains accident-free.
  4. Finally, we’ll clean up the remaining debris and load it onto our truck. We’ll be happy to take it to a Scranton disposal site for you. After all, we’re sure you don’t want to take any trips to the landfill.

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Sometimes, it can be tough to make a final decision on which junk removal and light demolition business you want to serve you. However, there are many reasons you should choose All Modes Debris Removal over the competition. As a locally owned and operated company, we can serve you for a better price than the competition. That’s because we don’t owe any franchise fees to some faraway CEO. In addition to this, our team has lots of demolition experience. We’ve taken on dozens upon dozens of jobs, so there’s not much that we haven’t seen before. Rely on the experience of our demolition team when you need service from a company that’s comfortable doing the work.


We think it’s best to give our customers an understanding of how much they’ll be paying as early as possible. Not only do we provide upfront quotes at the beginning of every appointment, but you can even get a free estimate by calling us ahead of time.


You have more than enough things to do on your personal agenda. As a result, a junk removal team showing up late can really throw your schedule out of whack. The good news is that All Modes Debris Removal takes punctuality seriously. We’ll be there during the provided 2-hour arrival window.


In order to prevent all accidents and damages, we’ll need to check out the structure thoroughly so we can determine the best way to demolish it. During the demolition process, we’ll work carefully without sacrificing too much speed so that your appointment can be both fast and incident-free.


Let’s make something clear: sheds, decks, and fences don’t magically tear themselves down. Someone eventually has to put forth the effort to make it happen, and if you’re not going to be the one to do it, then your best bet is getting in touch with us.

At All Modes Debris Removal, we vow to serve you with the same friendliness that we provide to all our customers. We’ll work fast, even providing you with same-day and next-day appointments when you need them. And we’ll do it all for an affordable price that you’re sure to appreciate. If our light demolition services sound like they’re up your alley, we encourage you to give us a call. Just use the button below to get started.

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One of the greatest things about our junk removal services is how fair of prices they come at. In an effort to keep pricing straight-forward and affordable, we uphold a universal, volume-based pricing system. That means that regardless of the service you need, your price is based on your junk volume- and without the extra hidden fees! We make sure you know the total cost in advance by providing you with an all-inclusive, no-cost quote.

However, you don’t have to wait till your appointment to get an accurate depiction of your projected cost. Our friendly team is happy to walk you through every aspect of junk removal, especially pricing. If you call or contact us now and give us an estimate of how much junk you need removed, we can offer you a free service estimate!


If you’re ready to schedule your junk removal appointment now, why wait? Our team can be easily reached over-the-phone or online, or you can simply book your service in seconds by clicking here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

All Modes Debris Removal is the one-stop-shop for all your junk removal needs in the Scranton area. In fact, we have a wide service area radius that covers neighborhoods in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. That’s because we believe our neighboring communities deserve access to our reliable junk removal services in the same way you do! Everywhere we go, we practice the same sustainable disposal methods so that we can help raise the standards of proper waste management in your neighborhood, too.


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